Jesper Møller Andersen
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Local drives:

Drive Info

Server drives:

Drive Info
ADrive not ready
Current dir: A:\
Removable drive
CDrive ready
Current dir: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv
Fixed disk
Serial number: 1579759029
Volume name: System
Total space: 74567380992
Available space: 44065898496
Free space: 44065898496
File system: NTFS
DDrive not ready
Current dir: D:\
Fixed disk
EDrive not ready
Current dir: E:\
CDROM drive

Window folder: C:\Windows
System folder: C:\Windows\System32
Temp folder: C:\Windows\Temp

Write to file 'd:\web\localuser\moellerandersen.dk0\jesper\temp.txt'
Contents of file (ReadAll): 'Hello World! '
Contents of file (Seq. Read): 'Hello World! '
Created at Sun Oct 21 06:50:16 UTC+0200 2018
Created at 21. oktober 2018 06:50:16
File type: Text Document
File attributes:
   Changed since last backup
Besøgende: 23823

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